Choosing a Wedding Cake – Have You Consider These Factors?

The wedding cake is the focus of most of wedding receptions. The tradition of cake cutting is so important that no one will leave the reception before the cake is cut. Accounting for this, it is extremely important to have a good choice of wedding cake. A badly chosen wedding cake may ruin the whole wedding reception. Indeed the wedding cake is also one of the foci for wedding photographs. Normally, the factors we need to consider when choosing a wedding cake are the size of it, the design or the outlook of the cake, and the flavors.

Size of the cake

The first thing a couple needs to consider is the size of the cake. It is vital to understand that a wedding cake is meant to be sharing the joy of wedding but not showing off the wealth of the couple. To this end the size of the cake should be determined by the number of guests.

This seems very straight forward that the size of cake should be determined by the number of guests but many couples make the following mistake – they only count and estimate the number of guests who are going to attend the wedding reception. In fact the couple may want to send a piece of cake to a guest who cannot attend the wedding reception. A couple should keep in mind that the cake is meant to be sharing the joy of getting married, there is no reason why a couple does not share the joy of wedding with the guests who cannot attend the wedding reception.

As a result the size of the cake should be determined by the number of guests who will attend the wedding reception and the number of guests who cannot. Certainly it will be totally a waste if the cake is too big and the cake cannot be shared among the guests if it is too small.

Design of the cake

After the size of the cake is determined, the couple can start to think about the design of the cake. The very first thing a couple needs to do is to get some pictures of wedding cakes from the cake maker or the baker. This is very important since the couple can get a rough idea about what the baker they hire usually makes and also the quality of the cake.

At the same time the couple can take reference for their unique wedding cake design from the photos. When the basic concept of the cake design is formed, the couple can try to visualize the final design of the cake by using the wedding cake design software.

With the cake design software, the couple can try to compose and test different possible design options of the cake. They may want the design of the cake follows the main theme of the wedding reception. Matching the colors will be something essential. On the contrary, the cake can also be designed in a way that it is totally unique and contrasting with the wedding theme.

Wedding cake design software is a very useful tool for visualizing the cake. However, the couple should bear in mind that the software only renders a computer drawing of the cake, it is not the cake itself. The final outcome will be a bit different from what is seen on the monitor.

Flavors of the cake

The design of the cake delivers a visual quality to the guest but the cake itself is for the guest to eat at the end of the day. The taste of the cake will be very essential.

There are plenty of options concerning the flavor of the cake. For examples, a couple can choose fruits, chocolate or even ice-cream. However, if the couple would like to go for the option of ice-cream, they should keep in mind that ice-cream will melt if they are going to have an outdoor wedding reception in summer.

The flavors of the cake also affect the time of ordering the cake. A sponge cake can only last for a few days and it should be prepared three to five days before the wedding reception. On the other hand, a fruit cake can last for a few months and it can be ordered say a month or two before the reception.

5 Tips for Summer Wedding Cakes

The cake is the showpiece of the wedding reception. Every bride wants her cake to be beautiful, delicious, and memorable. In the summer, there are a few special considerations that will help make sure your wedding cake is as perfect as you dream it will be. These are 5 tips for summer wedding cakes that every bride should know.

One: Choose Your Frosting Wisely. For an outdoor wedding, it pays to be sensible in your frosting selection. Fondant is the best choice for a cake on a hot summer day, because buttercream and whipped cream will melt and ruin the appearance of your wedding cake. To improve the flavor of fondant icing, ask your baker to apply a layer of buttercream frosting underneath. If you simply can’t see yourself with a fondant wedding cake, have the caterer keep your cake refrigerated until about 30 minutes before the cake cutting ceremony. It can be rolled out on a decorated table for a grand presentation, and your frosting will be intact.

Two: Protect Your Cake From Heat and Sun. Even a fondant wedding cake should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Always place the cake table in a sheltered location under a tent. Many people do not think about protecting the cake from sun for an indoor wedding, but the summer sun can come blazing in through big picture windows. Request that your cake be displayed away from direct sunlight for any summer wedding, indoors or out.

Three: Think Light. Rich chocolate cakes have become very popular in recent years, but lighter flavors will be best for a summer wedding. A sponge cake with lemon curd between the layers is a light and delicious option for a summer wedding dessert. Another great flavor is a scrumptious key lime cake with coconut frosting. If citrus is not your thing, a light angel food cake would be lovely. The light and airy cake may not hold up to the weight of multiple tiers, so consider displaying a trio of coordinating angel food cakes. It would be absolutely beautiful to frost each one in a different pastel shade.

Four: Decorate Seasonally. If you are a classic June bride who adores pink roses and pearl bridal jewelry, decorate your wedding cake with fresh roses and a frosting pearl border to complement your bridal jewelry. For a beach wedding, choose a seaside motif such as beach chairs, shells, or an abstract wave design. Another great idea is to decorate your cake with fresh seasonal fruit like strawberries. Designing a cake which suits the summer season will make it a wonderful addition to your wedding reception.

Five: Consider Pies. This has been a fun emerging trend in recent years. For informal country style weddings, fresh fruit pies are becoming a popular alternative to a formal wedding cake. They are a great way to showcase the best flavors of summer like ripe peaches, juicy strawberries, and delicious blueberries. Fruit pies also handle the heat better than many more delicate cakes. Brides often opt to have an entire table which features a variety of pie flavors, rather than just choosing one variety. If you like the idea of pie, but still want a traditional wedding cake, take advantage of another hot wedding trend: the mini-pie wedding favor.