Looking For Cheap Wedding Cakes?

Good quality cheap wedding cakes aren’t very easy to find so if you’re working to a low budget you may have to be a little creative with your cake to find something that will both look and taste great. Your wedding cake will be the centrepiece of your wedding reception, but don’t forget that you and your guests will want to eat it too so sacrificing taste for something stylish may end up being a disappointment.

Here are five ways you could save money on your cake and still have a delicious centrepiece to be proud of:

Ask for your cake as a wedding present. If you can’t afford to splash out on a luxurious wedding cake yourself, think about whether there are any guests coming to your wedding who would like to pay for your cake as their wedding gift to you. Close aunts and uncles or grandparents often want to make a special contribution to the big day so it’s always worth dropping a few hints.

Make the cake yourself. Making cake isn’t as difficult as you might think and as long as you give yourself a few practise runs and you follow the recipe carefully you’re bound to be able to produce something you’ll be proud of. Cupcake towers are the easiest DIY wedding cakes to tackle, and you can have great fun icing them with your bridesmaids, but you can also try a traditional tiered cake if you’re feeling brave.

Combine your wedding cake with dessert. Wedding guests are often so full from the wedding breakfast that they don’t really feel like eating wedding cake, so it makes sense to save a little money and serve your wedding cake as a dessert. Many couples are choosing unusual cakes such as wedding cheesecakes or ice cream cakes that make fabulous centerpieces for the first two courses of the wedding breakfast and can then be served up immediately afterwards.

Minimise the size of your cake. The high cost of a wedding cake often comes from the fact that it needs to feed so many guests, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Many cake suppliers will offer a package that includes a smaller decorative cake to feed approximately half of your guests supplemented with the same flavour tray cake, which will work out a lot cheaper than a full-sized wedding cake.

Decorate a supermarket cake. Many supermarkets offer great quality but affordable celebration cakes covered in simple white icing. These can be dressed up with coloured ribbon and costume jewellery or fresh flowers to create a really personalised design that works seamlessly with your wedding theme; your guests will never guess it’s not a designer wedding cake!

Cheap wedding cakes that are badly decorated, or that lack any real flavour are false economy and a waste of money, but with a little imagination and creativity you can make, create, or buy a delicious cake that will look great and provide a tasty snack for all your guests.