Wedding Cake – Different Styles and Trends

Just as you get different styles of venues and dresses, there are also different styles of Wedding cakes. Choosing the wrong wedding cake for your wedding style or theme is actually a very common wedding mistake. Brides sometimes see a cake in a magazine and then insist on having that specific one even though is doesn’t suite their style, theme or personality.

Different types of Wedding Cakes to consider:

The Classic Cake:

This will be a classic round or square cake with multiple tiers with cream or white fondant icing. Nothing daring or over the edge, just beautiful and timeless. Tiers can be stacked, freestanding or on pillars. Although fruitcake is being faced out, it is sometimes still being used especially if the bride and groom want to keep a part of the cake for their first anniversary. In this case they will make one layer the fruitcake and the rest of the cake can be marble, caramel, white chocolate or carrot cake.

2010 Trends:

Simple iced with decorative flowers on top with ribbons bordering the base of each layer.

Black and White themed cakes are very much in style at the moment.

The Themed cake:

This cake is best described as the colorful, no fear, no rules imaginative cake.

This cake will be a reflection of your individuality and daring personality. If you like to stand out and probably want your cake to be remembered by your guests, then this is the way to go.

Find inspiration in your theme or your venue. If you are having a beach wedding, you might have a sandcastle cake or a cake with a scuba dive couple as the topper.

2010 Trends:

Multiple shapes such as squares combined with round and pyramid tiers are very trendy at the moment

Use your Honeymoon location as inspiration – If you are going skiing, try a snow-white cake in the shape of a snowy mountain. For a Parisian honeymoon, a sophisticated black and white cake with an Eiffel tower topper will be well suited.

The Cupcake:

Individual, beautifully decorated cupcakes stacked high are still very popular amongst brides. It is perfect for a buffet reception or a garden wedding. Because cupcakes have their own cases, they can be enjoyed while standing and is therefore perfect for a relaxed informal wedding reception. The sizes can also differ from muffin size (if this is perhaps your only desert) to mini cupcakes.

2010 Trends:

Heart shaped cupcakes with red and pink icing for a romantic theme.

Gluten or dairy-free cakes for guests with dietary requirements are also very important, as more and more people are being diagnosed with food allergies

The Chocolate cake

Imagine a delicious chocolate ganache exterior, decorated with chocolate swirls, shards and shavings, with a decadent fudge or caramel interior. Chocolate cakes are very fashionable, versatile and popular right now, but are recommended in very cool months or for air-conditioned venues.

2010 Trends:

Dark Chocolate mouse cake with fresh fruit, dipped in chocolate or dusted with coco or icing.

Color contrasted – butter cake or milk chocolate cake interior with dark chocolate outside and visa versa.

The Contemporary cake

This is a cake with a modern twist on the classic / traditional cake. It is ideal for a wedding in a distinctly modern setting, or for an artistic couple. With a ‘less is more’ mantra, these classic square cakes should be an innovative and contemporary work of edible art. For an elegant yet modern look, square shaped cake layers can be stacked slightly off centre in shades of ivory or white.

2010 Trends:

Add a fake ‘display’ layer to give the cake some height.

A Single layer cake, simple decorated with a highlight on top.

Match the exact color of your theme or highlight to the cake color

Adding a little ‘bling’ to your cake – such as Pearls or Swarovski crystals, will give it that wow factor.

Create unusual shaped stands using Perspex, metal or glass to give it a contemporary feel

The Croquembouche

The croquembouch is a hot trend. It isn’t just very tasty, but can be beautifully decorated with flowers and caramel sugar strings.

The Wedding cake gives you the perfect opportunity to add to your color scheme or theme, and that is why you should really put some thought into it and discuss your theme with your Cake maker.

Make the process of choosing your wedding cake fun and personal. Whether you are having a fun and funky theme or a romantic traditional celebration, it is very important to fit the style of the cake into your wedding.